Gyro SE Wins UK's HiFi Choice Top Award

We are delighted to announce that the Gyro SE with Techno Arm A has won the Best Turntable Over £1,000 in this years HiFi Choice Awards.  The UK publicatication recognised the Gyro SE’s continued development over the original model yet still proclaimed that it is ‘still the turntable to beat.’

Commenting on the Gyro SE’s award, HiFi Choice said ‘The evergreen Gyrodec saw off all-comers in our Blind Listening Group Test (HFC 345).  Although the Michell has been around for decades, the soundness of the design and continuous small improvements mean this is still the turntable to beat.  We love the sheer musicality of the Michell, the tuneful and textured bass and the sense of entertainment it brings to all forms of music.  We also love the looks and rock solid build quality.  The Gyrodec proves that age is no impediment to being an award winner.’

This is yet another fantastic award for the Gyro SE and we are particularly pleased that this ground-breaking product is still making waves over 25 years since it’s launch.

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