Orbe SE wins Group Test in UK's HiFi Choice Magazine

We are delighted to announce that the Orbe SE has won the recent group test in the January edition of the UK’s HiFi Choice Magazine.  Although the competition was fierce, the Orbe SE (fitted with Techno Arm “A“) beat off the competition to take the coveted Grouptest Winner badge.

Pitched against five of the strongest contenders in the £2,000 to £4,950 price category including VPI Classic, Clearaudio Performance SE, Inspire Eclipse SE V2, Pro-ject RPM10.1 and Roksan Xerxes.20plus, the Orbe SE once again proved what a classic and timeless design it is.  Summing up the Orbe SE, Jason Kennedy wrote, “It has a breadth and appeal that none of the alternatives could quite match which is impressive to say the least.”

In concluding the test, Kennedy says, “The Orbe SE manages to do everything well and at a competitive price, considering the quality of the sound, build and engineering.”  He continues, “It avoids the leanness found in other pacy designs with a deep, calm bottom end that’s rich in texture and throws up a full-scale, three-dimensional soundstage that invites you to walk right in.”