25th July 2011 -

We were delighted to see that What HiFi? Sound and Vision had included the Orbe SE in the recent Ultimate Guide To High End – their periodic supplement dedicated to High End Audio packaged with the September issue of the magazine.

Included in the round up of the best turntables available, What HiFi? commented, “Michell’s Orbe has been made for well over a decade – and despite myriad improvements, it costs just 10 per cent more now than it did way back then.  Compare that to the doubling (or more) on price of its peers and it’s amazing just what value this turntable represents.”

In concluding the test, the What HiFi? team summarised “The Orbe was a great deck 10 years ago and it’s an even better buy today.  There’s nothing to criticise here.  If you want a top-class deck, you won’t regret buying this.”

The September issue of the magazine is out now and you can read the original review on Whathifi.com.

For further information on the Orbe SE and it’s upgrades, click here.