Over the years, we have constantly developed our range of products as new ideas/processes have been made available to us.  We have also reacted to customer ideas and developed accessories that we think only add to the listening experience.

Please see below our range of turntable and audio accessories:


SEcure Cover

Available to fit the Orbe SE, Gyro SE and Gyro SEduction, the SEcure Cover has been designed to totally cover the whole deck.  Learn more about the SEcure Cover >>

Iso Base

The inert material characteristic of the Iso Base combined with the Tenderfeet give it the extra isolation that is necessary for the very best performance from your deck.  Learn more about the Iso Base >>

Record Clamp

Black Delrin record clamp with anodised aluminium knob for use on GyroDec, TecnoDec, or third-party turntables.  Learn more about the Record Clamp >>

Speaker Terminals

We supply two types of loudspeaker binding posts and one set of 4mm plugs – “Big Mother” Binding Posts, Standard Binding Posts and 4mm Banana Plugs.  Learn more about our range of Speaker Terminals >>


Although initially designed for use with our turntables, Tenderfeet can be used under any item of audio equipment.  Learn more about Tenderfeet >>


Designed to protect fine furniture and floors from the spiked feet as used on many of today’s HiFi products.  Learn more about Tendercups >>

Cartridge Tags

We think that these are the ultimate cartridge tags and they come as standard on our Techno Arm “A”.  Learn more about our Cartridge Tags >>