Platter and Clamp

LP records are warped. LP records vibrate along with the music as the stylus traces the groove. And LP records tend to move and bend under the pressure of the arm and cartridge when they are insufficiently supported.

Michell turntables clamp the record to a hard platter. This flattens out warps, and it also couples the LP tightly to the platter so that internal resonances can be drained away from the stylus, as if the LP effectively is of a much higher thickness and rigidity. The Gyro SE and GyroDec models use a simple clamp to press down the LP record; the Orbe and Orbe SE benefit from a more advanced screw-down clamp and a washer that raises the LP at its center: under action of the clamp the record’s playable area is then very tightly pressed down onto the flat platter, right to its edges.

We make the platter from a proprietary self-damping compound of carbon/vinyl -loaded acrylic. This material closely approaches the mechanical and acoustical properties of the vinyl record itself, enhancing the coupling between both. Indeed, at boundaries of materials with like acoustic impedances, transmission of vibrational energy occurs. Whereas at boundaries of dissimilar materials, be they LP versus felt, metal, glass, or just air, only part of the energy is transmitted, the remainder being reflected back into the album, towards the stylus.

Above measures not only result in a neutral and precise sound, but also in a very low susceptibility to record blemishes, ticks and pops. This is one of the reasons why a Michell Engineering turntable not only excels in the replay of good LP’s, but also pulls the same trick with less than pristine records. Surely a benefit in this age of scarce fresh vinyl …

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