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We have received many reviews from the world’s specialist press of our products over the years.  Below is just a small selection:


HiFi Choice, Insider Feature ‘Michell Engineering’ 

Hi Fi Choice Article


Orbe and Orbe SE

Orbe SE and Techno Arm “A” – HiFi Choice Group Test Winner : “It has a breadth and appeal that none of the alternatives could quite match which is impressive to say the least.”

Orbe (DC/VC) in TNT Audio : “And the sound? This was uncanny …”

Orbe in TNT Audio : “…a feeling that you’re dragging the last fraction of fidelity from a disc to get you right up to the mastertape.”

Orbe in Hi-Fi News and Record Review : “for once the clamping system and platter construction and drive method seem to manage the best compromise between clarity of sound and strong rhythmic performance”

Orbe + Wilson Benesh Act-2 + Ortofon Jubilee + Chord balanced phono stage in Hi-Fi News and Record Review : “It was the nearest thing to real performed music – or, a step removed, the mastertape – I have heard in a long while. All the more surprising when it is issued from thirty or 40-year old recordings from a ‘dead’ format.”


GyroDec and Gyro SE

Gyro SE (DC) in Positive Feedback Online

Gyro SE (DC) in Hi-Fi News and Record Review : “…showing excellent pitch and timing, and able to create a fluid and balanced soundstage.”

Gyro SE in Hi-Fi News and Record Review : “the gains in detail, space and neutrality over the generic LP12 sound made the extra insight available with the Gyro SE a worthwhile trade”

Gyro SE in Hi-Fi World : “it’s a powerful package of fine sound, peerless build and finish and genuine upgradeability – but at UKP*** it’s nigh-on unbeatable”

Gyro SE in Hi-Fi Choice : “With the necessary ancillaries, the Gyro ‘SE’ competes in the same ball park as decks way above its price.”

GyroDec in Hi-Fi News and Record Review : “quite conclusively, the GyroDec remains one of the biggest bargains in hi-fi”


Gyro SEduction

Gyro SEduction in HiFi Choice : “Michell has built just 99 examples of what might be the best Gyro ever.”


TecnoDec in HiFi Choice

TecnoDec in Hi-Fi World : “Delightfully clean sound allied to superb build and finish make this the class of the mid-price vinyl field.”


Tonearms and Accessories

TecnoArm(a) in TNT Audio : “If low colouration and evenhanded tonality is your priority, the arrival of the Michell TecnoArm means you no longer have to save for a SME series IV or SME V.”

TecnoWeight in The Vinyl Engine : “The Tecno meanwhile banishes the rather ‘grey’ reputation of the standard Rega while sounding more refined and even handed ..