The TecnoArm “A” and our tonearm accessories continue a tradition of Michell-engineered value for money tonearms that goes back to the Fluid and Focus unipivot models of the seventies.  Learned from many years of experience, we now offer a range of Rega-styled tonearm accessories that we feel offer a significant audio upgrade to the standard models whilst also allowing the user considerably more setup refinement.

Our Tonearm range and accessories consists of the following:

Techno Arm “A”

The TecnoArm(a) is a fundamental mechanical rebuild of the well-known RB250 tonearm, to which is added monolithic wiring of the highest quality. The arm tube is bead-blasted and perforated, which disperses structural resonances and yields a lower effective mass.  Learn more about the Techno Arm ‘A’ >>


Set of two counterweights, metal endstub, and precise 0.1g Vertical Tracking Force adjuster for Rega RB-250 and RB-300 tonearms and their derivatives. One counterweight matches cartridges of 3 to 6g mass, the other is for cartridges of 7 to 13g.  Learn more about the Technoweight >>

VTA Arm Adjuster

Our VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) Arm Adjuster has been designed for the range of Rega arms (RB-250, RB-300 and RB-600) that use a threaded base. Once installed, the user can adjust the vertical tracking angle in minute increments without losing any rigidity in the mount.  Learn more about the VTA Arm Adjuster >>

New Rega 3-Point VTA Adjuster

Our Rega 3-point fixing VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) Arm Adjuster has been designed for the range of Rega arms (RB-251 and RB301) that use the recently introduced 3-point fixing.  Learn more about the Rega 3-Point VTA Adjuster >>

Finger Locking Nut

Our Finger Locking Nut is a handy nut that replaces the hex nut as supplied with most Rega arms. It allows for easier removal and refitting of your Rega arm and, when used in conjunction with our VTA Arm Adjuster, is ideal for making quick incremental adjustments to the arm’s VTA.  Learn more about the Finger Locking Nut >>

Arm Plate De-Coupling Kit

Designed to mechanically de-couple the tonearm and mounting plate from the rest of the turntable, its installation prevents ambient noise from transferring from the turntable to the tonearm/cartridge.  Learn more about the Arm Plate De-Coupling Kit >>